Sunday, January 29, 2006

Getting Your Home Ready For Sale:

Now is the time to spruce up your home for the early Spring Market! Sheryl will be conducting a seminar at Boscovs on Monday, February 6th at 7:00PM 'Get The Best Deal When Selling Your Home' It is FREE of charge and anyone considering selling their home is invited to attend. Just send an email as your RSVP to:

If you have been considering the idea of selling your home, you probably will wonder what you should do to prepare for that eventuality. Maximizing the value of your home should be very important to you.
Because the value of your home will primarily be a function of factors outside your control such as the current market, the competition, available financing, economic conditions and normal marketing time, it is critical to make the most of those things you can impact to enhance your value.

Buyers prefer homes that are clean, organized and relatively neutral in decor (colorless) -- the 'CON' Job! So investing time, and not necessarily money, in decluttering and cleaning can reap big financial rewards for your time. Even actual cash outlays for things such as new carpeting, paint and repairs will typically return far more than the money spent. Remember you will only get one chance to make a great first impression, so start at the street and critique your home from that point on through the interior. If you can create a positive initial reaction through your efforts, you will undoubtedly find that your home should sell within a shorter time for more money. Go for it and enjoy the results!

For Additional tips on getting your home ready for sale:

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Has the 'Spring Market begun in Rockland County?'
Calls are coming in fast and furious from local homeowners. Many want to know, ‘when the spring market begins?’ In Rockland County, even with chilling temperatures and snow on the ground…the ‘early spring market’ is here. We are seeing more and more new listings on the daily hot sheets. Buyers are also starting to look at homes on the advice of their accountants or financial planners. Many have received a year end bonus and need to make a financial investment that will yield a tax deduction in the current year. From what I can see, we are in the midst of a transition… from a strong sellers market to a healthy balanced market. Most buyers are being more cautious and not making quick decisions and offers on properties right away. Many sellers are a bit frustrated that their homes are not selling as quickly as their neighbors. This is a sign of a changing market! If you'd like to see what is currently for sale in your neighborhood, visit: SearchRocklandHomes

Friday, January 13, 2006

Buying or Selling a home and want to have a better Real Estate Experience? Do you have a few questions that need to be answered? Ask the expert! After years of having many sucessful Real Estate websites online for the public to obtain pertinent Real Estate information, I have designed this blog to assist my customers and clients with local information. Feel free to ask your questions. I will also use this blog to post updated information about the local Rockland County Real Estate market.